Our Achievements

Leading Organization

Only international NGO of SMEs that enjoys Consultative/ Observer status with UN agencies including UNCTAD, UNIDO, WIPO, WCO, UNDP, UNCITRAL, UNESCAP, international and intergovernmental organizations


Several policy recommendations at both national and international forums and Active deliberations at various meeting of UN and other international organisations

Enterprise Support

Facilitation for Knowledge, Legal Compliance, technology transfer, joint ventures, marketing linkages amongst enterprises etc


Strong membership in 112 countries to promote and support SMEs through collaboration mechanisms with local government bodies, regional authorities, institutes, international linkages, civil societies, SMEs etc.

Conferences & Seminars

Held 21 WASMEICSME International Conference on SMEs in many countries and Several regional & national conferences on issues relevant to SMEs

Integrated Projects

Implemented numerous shared projects with many international organisations all across world like INSEND, ICSB, NASA, ILO etc

Empowering Information

Expansive information dissemination through monthly ‘World SME News’ and fortnightly e- bulletin- ‘SME Update’ with over 20,000+ subscription world over and several books and publications in WASME library


Member of several committees, working groups and consortium throughout the Globe and Representatives all across world as Senior Advisor, Permanent Representatives, External Consultants and Bureau Officers

Capacity Building

Numerous Workshops & Training Programmes to empower and enable competitiveness of SMEs

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