WASME conducts many Events, Conferences and Training Programs through out the year for the SMEs, that help SMEs strengthen their skills and capabilities and provide networking opportunities. These events help in bringing together one of the greatest minds in the industry, under one roof and help the SMEs formulate and develop strategies which help them grow further. Apart from these WASME also conducts its annual International Conference called ICSME which aims to bring UN and other international and multi-national Aid Agencies concerned with small business development. WASME also recognises the outstanding SMEs and performers through the SME Awards.

Conferences & Seminar

WASME organizes conferences, seminars, exhibitions and business delegation that has been a driver in synthesizing information, views and insights of world leaders, policy makers, decision makers, think tanks, diplomats, bureaucrats, advisors, consultants etc and synergizing their efforts to create effective awareness among world SMEs about various pro –SMEs policies and strategies.


Annual International Conference on SMEs WASME’s annual International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprise development (ICSME) is a prestigious event, which brings together under one roof, business support organisations, policy makers, banks and financial institutions, international experts, academics, entrepreneurs, UN and other international and multi-national Aid Agencies concerned with small business development. This is an excellent platform for sharing expertise, experience and emerging best practices and provides ample opportunity in establishing new contacts and business linkages.

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Training & Workshops

One of the core activities of WASME Capacity building of SMEs and it has done numerous Training Programs and workshops at regional, national and international levels and helped SMEs to raise their overall competitive rating in global market. WASME’s training & workshops have helped limitless SMEs in strengthening their capabilities and skills in finance, enterprise development, rural development, marketing, trade relations, IPR, ISO standards, CSR and many more.

  •  Innovative Leadership Programme on Neuro Linguistic Programming,13-17th January,2016 India
  •  Workshop on Microfinance 25th January,2016,JahangirPuri,NewDelhi,India
  •  Innovative And Leadership Programme ON 2nd,March 2016
  •  WASME- Beauty and Wellness Skill Development Seminar on March 17,2016 at WASME House, NOIDA
  •  WASME – Beauty & Wellness Skill Development Seminar, May 24 , 2016, Noida, India

SME Awards

SME Awards are the core activity of WASME that aims to acknowledge Performers of Indian SME sector and to reward their contribution to economy. The SME Award recognises successful entrepreneurs for outstanding achievements of SMEs in the fields of Manufacturing, Services, Innovations, Marketing Strategy, Finance, Agro & Food Processing, IT and IT Enabled Services, International Trade, Telecommunication, Research, Technology Development and other sectors.

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