WASME Organizes Global Summit On “Achieving Competitiveness through Entrepreneurial Leadership in SME’s”

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WASME Organizes Global Summit On “Achieving Competitiveness through Entrepreneurial Leadership in SME’s”

World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) in association with National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD) has organized Global Summit On “Achieving Competitiveness through Entrepreneurial Leadership in SME’s” on February 18, 2017 at WASME International Secretariat, Noida. 


Global Summit 2017 was yet another significant step of WASME that aimed to drive the momentum for Achieving competitiveness through different initiatives & synthesizing and synergizing knowledge and experiences on latest trends in entrepreneurial leadership for SMEs. 26 countries including Tanzania, Tajikistan, Bhutan, Egypt, Kenya, Russia, Bangladesh etc. participated in the summit and had a meaningful interaction and gained insight on the same.


The Summit began with the guest felicitation followed by welcome address by Ms. Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director, WASME. She thanked all the dignitaries and all international and national participants and briefed them about global initiatives in the field of Entrepreneurial Leadership in SMEs, especially in African and other developing countries.


The main objective of the summit was to sensitize participants about recent initiatives undertaken for reinforcing skill and entrepreneurial development, challenges and opportunities in skill and entrepreneurial development and exploring Indo-African partnership opportunities by integrating technology, microfinance & training.


Mr. Sudhir Sudhakar Sr. Journalist spoke about entrepreneurial leadership is necessity in today’s highly paced technology driven global economy. Conventional methods of management leadership need to be replaced by transformation leadership. He also highlighted the qualities like innovative leadership, resilience to change and building commitments are crucial for small and medium enterprises to lead their enterprises ahead of others in global market scenario.


Dr. Souvrokamal Dutta, talked about the ruling government of India under the flagship of visionary leader and our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, various initiatives are being undertaken for supporting and promoting SME’s. many schemes have been launched by the government to enable SME’s to be more competitive, productive and capable of competing the global market. It is SME’s needs to take advantage of schemes and benefits provided by the government.


Ms. Archana Sharma, Head Communications, WASME, delivered a presentation about WASME. Participants got to know more about the work of WASME and its global efforts and achievements in uplifting the MSMEs. 


Dr. R.R. Singh, Director, NIESBUD while highlighting the activities of NIESBUD in the area of Entrepreneurship Development, Skill Development & trainings for upscaling the capabilities of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can sustain their business.

During the panel discussion chaired by Dr, R. R Singh reprenented by 5 countries including Mr. Haitham Hassan from Egypt, Mr. Ibrahim Hafizi from Afghanistan, Mr. Karimov Nekbakht from Tajikistan, Ms. Yaidika Lema from Peru and Mr. Victor Lwekuba Chiedu from Nigeria shared their country presentation highlighting the initiatives, challenges and opportunities for SME development in their own countries. 


Panel discussion was followed by extremely interactive open house discussion in which 64 participants from more than 25 countries participated enthusiastically and discussed their problems with the speakers and guests.