Visit of Dr Rajesh Kazi Shrestha, President Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) on December 10, 2016 at WASME Secretariat, Noida India

A Delegation from Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC), headed by Dr. Rajesh Kazi Shrestha, President NCC has visited WASME International Secretariat- WASME House in Noida India on December 10, 2016.

The Delegation Included executive members of NCC including Mr. Rastm Bhushan Chukabaji, Mr. Krishna Man Shrestha, Mr. Niraj Rai, Mr Tika Ram Sharma and Mr. Ajay Singh.

Mr. Gyan Prakash Agarwal, Secretary General, WASME and Ms. Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director, WASME warmly welcomed the delegation with flowers. Since, this was also the first visit of Dr. Shrestha after being elected as Vice President of WASME for Asia region, he commented.

While congratulating Dr. Shrestha Mr. Gyan Prakash Agarwal, Secretary General WASME, stated “I truly believe that strategic association between WASME and NCC is very significant and under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Shrestha, WASME is certain to create new milestones of success in SME promotion not only in Nepal and India but also in other Asian countries”.

Dr. Shrestha shared his delight for the warm welcome received by WASME and stated “I am honoured and feel proud to be part of WASME. I deeply cherish the close association of NCC and WASME. As Vice President of WASME and with pivotal framework for strong partnerships by pooling in our strengths, I am committed to deliver tangible and concrete benefits to the SMEs in both the countries so that they can improve their competitiveness and their contribution to the economic development of Nepal and India. I look forward for working together for the ensuing SME promotion both nationally and internationally”.

Ms. Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director WASME also shared her delight and thanked each and every member of the delegation for visiting WASME Secretariat. Dr. Shrestha and his delegation later attended a seminar on “Impact of Demonetisation – National and International Perspective” organised by WASME.

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