WASME SME Excellence Awards 2021

This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) organized WASME SME EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 on Thursday, December 23, 2021 at Mirza Ghalib, Scope Convention Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

WASME SME Excellence Awards 2021 is a prestigious award of WASME that brings together industry leaders, SME associations, entrepreneurs, start-ups etc. from different countries under one roof. So far we have done 24 WASME Excellence Awards in different countries including Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Romania, UAE etc.

25th WASME Excellence Awards aims to promote SME development initiatives and endeavours to catalyze international cooperation for initiating focused efforts to entrepreneurship and innovation integration of SMEs into Global Value Chain and thus empower them to contribute effectively to the country’s socio-economic development.

The event started with lamp lighting ceremony followed by welcome address by Dr. Sanjiv Layek Executive Secretary, WASME. He introduced World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME), since its inception in 1980 as the global voice of SMEs, is one of the most representative and leading international non-governmental organizations engaged in the promotion of such organizations worldwide. We work closely with all SME experts in different parts of the world and also enjoy a consultative/observer status with concerned agencies in the United Nations including UNESCAP, UNCTAD, ITC, WIPO, UNIDO, UNESCO, UNCITRAL, ILO, and several other inter-governmental and international organizations. WASME has been actively engaged in crafting the development agenda for SMEs, advocating for their greater recognition, and enabling them to effectively contribute to the economic prosperity and social wellbeing of their respective country. Through multi-dimensional activities like policy advocacy, information dissemination, national and international conferences and seminars, events and trainings, publication and research, network linkages etc., we assist in creating the best, integrated, innovative, and sustainable working frameworks for SMEs in all industry sectors. In his inaugural speech Dr Sanjiv Layek Executive Secretary, WASME talked about the COVID-19 crisis has taught us that the pandemic and containment measures do not impact everyone in the same way. Among the private sector, MSMEs, especially those led by women, youth, ethnic minorities and migrants, suffered the most. An International Trade Centre survey on COVID-19 impact among businesses in 136 countries has shown that nearly 62% of women-led small businesses have been strongly affected by the crisis, compared to just over half of firms led by men, and women-owned are 27% more likely not to survive the pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis also taught us the value and catalytic impact of digital connectivity, particularly for MSMEs. As governments vaccinate their populations, the world continues to deal with several other challenges that include the ongoing effects of climate change, biodiversity lost, and pollution. If unabated, these three crises are expected to have severe negative implications for economic growth, human health and ecosystems, employment and livelihoods.

As we know that SMEs are the backbone of every country’s economy like India’s. An estimated 6.33 crore unincorporated Indian MSMEs engaged in non-agricultural economic activities, employing 12 crore persons across the country, 99% Industry share, contributing 30% to Indian GDP, generating 70-80% employment, contributing 50% to Exports. Micro more than 95% having turnover less than 5 crores

The government’s target for 2024 is for MSMEs to account for 50% of GDP and 75% of exports, while employing 150 million people, in line with a target to make India a $5 trillion economy.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has severely impacted the lives of informal microenterprises, constituting 99% of the MSMEs, owing to lack of managerial resources, capacities, and backward-forward linkages to cope with economic downturn.

He congratulated all the awardees for winning the WASNE SME Excellence Awards 2021. About 50 awardees were felicitated by some of the well-known personalities like Chief Guest of the Event Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak, Member, Electricity Tribunal and Ex – Chairman, GAIL, India and Guest of Honour HE Prof K.Jankee Ambassador of Mauritius to Russia. Other important dignitaries were Dr Gopal Tripathi, RSS Veteran Leader, Shri Govind Gupta, BJP Mahasachiv, Shri Kamal Kishore Ex- MP, Behraich, Shri S. P. Garg Executive Director, GAIL India and Member in Safety Council of India, Shri R. K. Goel Ex- Director, Torrent Gas. Ms Sampa Banerjee Executive Director, WASME proposed vote of thanks.

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing Best Digital Marketing Training Company
Dr. Priya Shah Best Matchmaker in India
Dr. B. S. Shailesh Kumar International Icon of the year in Healthcare Excellence
Dr Dhanraj Emerging Leader of The Year in Education
Ricky Roy Emering Entrepreneur of The Year
Sheetal Soni Global Icon of The Year in Spiritual Coaching Therapy and Motivational Speaking
Mukhram Tewatia Best Interior Contractor of The Year
The Doctorpreneur Academy Healthcare Startup of the Year
Ayaz Mohammad Global Entrepreneur of The Year in Digital Marketing
Beatitude “Startup of The Year" in the Apparel industry
Sudhanshu Bajaj Educationist of the Year
AMARA by Dr Purva Skin and Hair Care Clinic of The Year
Piyalee Bhowmik Women entrepreneur of the year in Professional Education
Guruskoolz Best Entrepreneurship Training Company
Rimjhim Mukherjee Emerging Business Consultant of The Year
WAY2LAB.COM The Most Promising Startup in Healthcare industry
Worldwide Express Couriers Best International Courier Company
Kanak Interiors Best Interior Designing Company
Deeva India Global Icon of The Year in Auction Service
Gagan Arora Global Innovator of The Year in IT and BPO Industry
Exampur “Startup of the Year" in the Education industry
S S Systems Pvt Ltd Most Innovative Software Services and Solutions Company (Bihar)
Pankaj Mishra Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Green Age Educationist of the Year
Bhimbirsa Immense foundation Woman Entrepreneur of The Year
Amit Kumar Patil Educationist of the Year
Evolve Brands Pvt. Ltd Innovative Product of The Year
Sathish Kumar Start-up of The Year
Hiranmahee Innovative Product of The Year
Dr Sibabrat Sahu Start-up of The Year
Mr. Ishant Dubey Educationist of the Year
Gurleen Chandhok Woman Entrepreneur of The Year
Rekha Bhatia Social Entrepreneur of the Year
Rekha Woman Entrepreneur of The Year
Nanosafe Solutions Private Limited Technology Product of The Year
Tilohri Promising Women MSME Company of the Year
Manoj Pawa Sustainable Person of the Year
Pooja Bhardwaj Women entrepreneur of the year
Mukul Seth Best Publisher in Engineering Education
Mr. Venu Kalyan Best Leading Business Coach in Telugu states Andhrapradesh & Telangana
Beleiv Bereavement Technologies Pvt Ltd. International Icon in Funeral Services Industry
sKarn Robotics/Wecript Ecosystem Global Innovative Product of The Year in Internet Industry
The Karn Global Revolutionary Founder of The Year

It is fair to conclude that the event was a great success! We would like to express our gratitude to you for accepting our invitation for WASME SME EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 and contributed in many ways to turn this event into a smoothly running meeting with many very interesting presentations and a very good atmosphere for discussion and networking.