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Awareness Programme


IPR Plays a significant role in Make in India and SMEs to be competitive in global market.

World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises(WASME) organized an Awareness Program “On Intellectual Property Rights and Its Benefits to Industry” on 23rd September 2016 at International Secretariat WASME house, Noida, India.

The objective of the event was to provide the holistic understanding of the IPR, its types and benefits to startups and SMEs in India. The program focused on detailed discussion on procedures and enforcement of IP rights.

Ms. Sampa Banerjee welcome the guests, dignitaries and participants and reiterated WASME’s commitment for empowering SMEs and startups with right information on various issues including IPR.

Mr. Sanjib Kumar Mohanty, Advocate, Supreme Court and IPR expert was the Chief Guest of the Awareness Programme. He shared the legal ecosystem of the IPR instruments that are provided by the government of India, types of IPR and various Acts enforced for effective IPR rights etc. He stated that India is far ahead of some developing countries when it comes to innovation and IPR laws.

Dr. R Raghunandan, Executive Director of Indian STEP and Business Incubator Association was the Guest of the Honour. While sharing the significance of the IPR and benefits with participant he stated that startups are not able to get IPR benefits due to lack of appropriate awareness and finance and legal help. He urged MSMEs to treat IPR as Asset not the Liability.

Mr. O P Singh, Deputy Director, DCMSME, Ministry of MSMEs, Special Guest highlighted the key schemes provided to Students, Institutes and MSMEs including financial assistance. He also encouraged the students to consider the career in IPR for bright future prospects.

Mr. Yashwant Dev Panwar, Head Patent Facilitation Centre(PFC), TICAC while sharing the basics of IPR he pointed out that government of India is keen to weave the strength of MSMEs and Startup for innovation and IPR. Now is the time SMEs should focus on IPR as important part of their business growth strategies.

Dr. Sanjeeva Kumar Majumdar, Depty Manager of National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) provided the key insights of the IPR Procedures and enforcement rights.

The event was attended by more than 35 delegates from different background of IT, Pharmaceuticals, start-ups, Law background and educationist. It was highly interactive event in which participants clarified their queries enthusiastically.