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Membership Details

Since its inception, WASME has been rendering quality services to its members. Our membership offers access to all facilities of WASME including right to participate in its activities, national, regional and international programmes, receive publications, circulars, literature, documents etc.

Our members support WASME’s mission to advance, promote and support SMEs in their respective country through association and collaboration mechanisms with local government bodies, regional authorities, international linkages, civil societies and SMEs.

WASME has been playing a catalytic role in setting up SMEs in different countries by facilitating linkage support, networking, setting up industrial unit, registration, taxation, etc. On the other hand interested companies of India in the different industry sectors can be introduced in member countries across the world to set up industrial unit with the local share.

WASME Membership Spectrum

WASME has members in different countries across the world. Member constituents represent industrial promotional organizations of various types from highly industrialized, developing and transition economies, as well as least developed countries. WASME has a broad membership spectrum that includes:

 Government departments involved in SME policy making and implementation

 Developmental and major commercial banks and financial institutions’s

 Chambers of commerce and industry associations

 SME Promotional agencies/organisations

 Technological institutions, credit guarantee companies, training institutions, etc.

 And Large enterprises.

Membership Categories

General Membership

Government Organisations , Small Business Authorities, Autonomous bodies, Financial Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, SME Associations, Training Institutes, Consultancy Organisations, Technology Providers and other such agencies which provide services to SMEs and promote their interests. General Members are eligible to vote on resolutions at WASME’s General Assembly (“Council”) and stand for a position in WASME’s International Governing Body which has a term of 2 years.

Permanent Members

Any General Member or Associate Member who contribute to the funds of the organization. It means any General Member or Associate Member who contributes to the funds of the organization an amount of US $ 20,000. They will not be liable to pay annual membership fee after becoming Permanent Member of the organization. They are the ex-officio members of the Governing Body subject to a maximum of nine.

Associate Member

Individuals/ Enterprises / Corporations / Stakeholders / Research Institutions / Large Enterprises, etc. which are engaged in SME business activities and academicians, researchers, consultants engaged in the service of SME sector.

Associate Membership- India Chapter

INDIA Chapter is designed not only for Entreprenurers ( Small , Medium , Micro ), but also extends its membership to Corporate Sectors , SME Associations, Universities, Training Institute and Individuals who are interested in the growth of SME’s.

Membership Benefits

Exchange of best practices in different segments of industries and empower the growth of SMEs to achieve competitive advantage in global marker scenario.

Information assistance: Basic business related laws, Business legislation, trade regulations, Public Policy, Taxation, Available MSME support by different stakeholders.

Enterprise Support: Expert guidance and assistance for starting new business, Improving existing businesses, Skill development and entrepreneurship development, Business matching, International Experts search.

Business Support: Tender information, potential buyer & seller meet, Marketing linkages, Import/Export facilitation, financial assistance, technology transfer, branding and promotion etc.

Exposure visit to global members: Facilitate exposure visit at national and international organizations, institutes, research centres etc.

Participation & Knowledge Support: Participation in WASME’s National/International conferences and seminars, workshops, training and programmes etc.

Branding Opportunity: Sponsorship and Volunteering, advertising opportunities in our events and programs, newsletters, websites, e-bulletins, publications etc.

Liasoning Support: Facilitating network and liason support to aspiring entrepreneurs and start ups in establishing their business in different country as well as our member countries across the world.

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