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World Association for
Small and Medium Enterprises


The Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals that were adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The goals are designed to be a blueprint for a more sustainable and equitable world by 2030. Achieving the SDGs will require a global partnership between individuals, multinationals, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

While the SDGs are a global effort, SMEs may face more challenges when it comes to adapting to sustainable development. This is due to their limited resources and capacity, as well as their typically higher reliance on traditional, unsustainable business models. However, there are also many opportunities for SMEs to contribute to the SDGs, such as through energy efficiency improvements, the development of sustainable products and services, and the provision of employment and training opportunities in local communities.

2030 Agenda

WASME is committed to supporting SMEs in understanding the need for and leverage on WASME’s extensive knowledge, global exposure and expertise. We are promoting the SDG agenda in all our activities and platforms to enable SMEs to become more competitive, environment friendly socially responsive, culturally sensitive and ethical in their business practices. In doing so, we hope to provide the right support to SMEs so that they can thrive and contribute to sustainable development.

Decent work and economic growth

Industry, INnovation and infrastructre

Responsible consumption and production

Partnerships for the goals


AWS SMB Vidyalaya

WASME and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific and Japan together implementing SMB Vidyalaya to speed up digitisation of small businesses. The programme has over 50 technology education modules specific to SMBs and the opportunities they have to drive business growth across the country. WASME is driving the awareness among SMBs across India and helping them through downloadable product brochures, educational course videos, and webinars.

NASSCOM Future Skills

NASSCOM Future Skills is a self-learning portal for “Skilling Opportunity “of learning the basics of all emerging IT Technologies and Professional (Soft) Skills which are in demand in every industry sector.

NASSCOM’s initiative provides the most valuable element of “Perpetual Skilling in Industry relevant IT Technologies” helping SMEs gain the competitive advantage and be successful in global market.


WASME and TATA Business Hub joined hand to empower growing business in india through digital growth platform Tata Nexarc. The platform offers WASME member companies to capitalize on new business opportunities by gaining access to potential new customers. Essentially, the platform hleps in achieving 3 key objectives – Grow Business, Solve Challenges and Optimize Business Processes.