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World Association for
Small and Medium Enterprises

Connecting the World's Small Businesses to the Global Economy


Representatives in
various countries


Years of

Govt. Linkages

Associated with Ministries,
Govt. of India


Global Conferences,
Seminars, Workshops

What We Do

Revitalizing Global Economy by spearheading the cause and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) world over since its inception in 1980.


We are a strong network and alliance of government, ministries, financial institutes, SME promotion agencies, international organizations in different countries that work in close cooperation to promote SMEs. .


For over four decades, by synergising national and international cooperation, we have been advocating for policies that support MSMEs and create a more enabling environment for them to thrive

Set Up

We are one stop strategic resource centre for MSMEs that provides all the necessary support for businesses and enterprises. It offers financial assistance, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship development.

Create Mechanisms

With our global network and alliance, we facilitate cost-effective international networking, trade facilitation, Buyer Seller Meets and trade opportunities for aspiring MSMEs.

Be a catalyst

We are aligned with the 2030 agenda of UN Sustainable Development Goals and enabling SMEs to be more competitive, environment friendly socially responsive, culturally sensitive and ethical in their business practices.

What We Offer

We have created world largest and cohesive community that promotes SMEs in the world including UN agencies, national and international organizations, local government bodies, regional authorities, industry associations, SME promotion agencies, financial institutions, research institutes, banks, civil societies to achieve sustainable Development of SMEs

SME Business Support

WASME’s goal is to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of MSMEs by providing enterprise support to MSMEs in various ways including access to finance and funding, training, technology, and market expansion opportunities.

Policy Advocacy

WASME has been actively coordinating with all global stakeholders initiating dialogue and interactions at all possible forum to mitigate the multifaceted and multipronged challenges faced by the SMEs in developing and least developed countries

Conferences & Seminar

WASME organizes conferences, seminars, exhibitions and business delegation that has been creating effective awareness among world SMEs about various pro –SMEs policies and strategies

Training & Workshops

WASME’s training & workshops have helped limitless SMEs in strengthening their capabilities and skills in finance, enterprise development, rural development, marketing, trade relations, IPR, ISO standards, CSR and many more

Research & Publication

WASME’s Research studies and publications offer in-depth insights and global update on SME news, events, policies & programmes, role and activities of SME, UN and support institutions activities etc . and are highly acclaimed by its readers

Skill & Entrepreneurship Development

WASME promotes skill and entrepreneurship development programmes in line with national SME development strategies that lays importance on enhancing entrepreneurial skills of budding Entrepreneurs.

Our Membership

Stimulating Sustainable Growth of SMEs with WASME Membership

General Members

Any Government Organisations, Small Business Authorities, Autonomous bodies, Financial Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, SME Associations, Training Institutes, Consultancy Organisations, Technology Providers

Permanent Members

Any General Member or Associate Member who contribute to the funds of the organization.

Associate Members

Any Individuals, Enterprises, Corporations, Stakeholders, Research Institutions, Large Enterprises, Academicians, Consultants etc. engaged in SME sector.

India SME Members

Any Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, private sector company.

Partners & Associates

What's New

WASME Updates

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