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World Association for
Small and Medium Enterprises


World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) organized a one-day programme on offering “BUSINESS SOLUTIONS FOR MSMEs” on 28th July 2022 at WASME International Secretariat, Noida India.

SMEs, as we all know are the backbone of the economic development of any country so does in India.  They help in employment generation and poverty alleviation and contribute significantly to India’s GDP, manufacturing and export output.

That is why it is essential to strengthening the growth perspectives of SMEs by improving their competitiveness by providing better solutions to various problems faced by them, like poor technology and skills, weak management systems and entrepreneurial capabilities, lack of timely information and information technology, poor product quality and standardization, etc. that leads to low productivity

The programme was specially organized for SMEs operating in Noida and nearby regions for both physical in virtual participation. It was designed to provide significant insights for Cluster Development, Digital Solutions, and Quality so that they can address key issues like:

  • How to gain access to the various support provided by the government through various schemes.
  • How to improve productivity and quality of the product and business to compete in the global market competition
  • How can we have better market penetration using the latest IT technology.
  • How can business can be improved and revenue can be increased by improving the efficiency of business processes, and improving productivity.

Dr. Sanjiv Layek, Executive Secretary, WASME welcomed all guests and all the dignitaries highlighted WASME’s activities and talk about SME sector current scenario.

H.E. Ambassadors Dr. K C Jankee, President WASME, while sharing the Keynote Address reaffirmed the commitment of WASME to provide the right knowledge from the right people to SMEs through the series of events and programs and other communication channels and appreciated the eminent speaker for addressing the key concerns of SMEs along with WASME.

We had eminent speakers including Mr. Devraj DASARI, Chairman, MSMECC who shared the details of the Cluster Development Programme and how it can enable SMEs to sustain their business with the cluster development approach

Various digital solutions were introduced by Mr. PunitGhai, Regional Manager, Tata Nexarc, Delhi Circle, and Ms. Celestiene Shaukat, Manager, NASSCOM Foundation Future Skill programme that includes various online tools for submitting tenders, GeM registration, and also various e-learning module to develop IT skills.

Mr. Shishir Bhardwaj, Technical Expert, QCI, and Mr. Prasoon Mishra, Assistant Director QCI, introduced the participants to quality improvement requirements and solutions for the SMEs provided by QCI.

Over 35 SMEs from different industries including manufacturing, service, textiles, etc joined the programme and had their queries resolved on quality improvement, Digital Solutions, and Cluster Development Scheme.